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About Us

We are family owned and operated with over 35 years experience in the metal finishing industry in OKC.  We provide coatings for some of the world’s most important tooling and manufactured products.  If you need a product to conform to MIL-SPEC or ASTM, we can get it done!  Quality and turnaround time are very important to our customers, and us. Quality manuals, procedure manuals and customer reference are available at your request. High volume, Sandblasting, (Mobile & In House) powder coat or painted parts? No Problem. Our pricing will beat any other blasting company in Oklahoma! As all great businesses such as yourselves know, it is never a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket. It is also a good idea to check your current vendors to see how they stack up cost, quality and service wise.

Services offered:

Sandblasting. Mobile & In Shop. All types, oil field equipment, manufactured products, etc…

Zinc Phosphate, Mil-Spec, Halliburton Spec.

Commercial Paint: All types, oil field equipment, manufactured products, etc…

Military Paint. (CARC)

Powder Coating.

Baking – for stress relieving & hydrogen embitterment.

 If we can be of service in any of these areas, or if you would like further information or a part quote, simply contact Cliff Merrell at:

Phone: 405-947-0200 Fax: 405-947-0202 Cell: 405-412-5441

Powder Coating rims.

Sandblaster/Powder Coating in Oklahoma City

Premier Metal Finishing, Inc.    "Christ is Lord" 640 N Meridian Ave. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

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Commercial Painting.